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    My PGA.Coach Story: Benjarong Murray


    What made you want to get ADM certified? 

    I desired to get ADM certified in order to learn as much as possible to help my students succeed. I have always enjoyed coaching and find joy in passing valuable knowledge along to others. I have captained a PGA Jr. League team and coached many juniors in The First Tee program throughout the years. As an instructor, I am always looking for ways to improve my instruction, and I feel the ADM provides a clearly proven method for athlete development.


    When did you get ADM certified? 

    I got ADM certified in October 2021.


    How long did it take you to get certified? 

    The certification only took me a few hours over the course of three days. I chose to split up the lessons, though it could easily be done all in one sitting.


    What are some things you learned during your PGA.Coach training, and has it been useful? 

    The most valuable information I have taken away from the training is the importance of building the athlete first. Juniors go through very distinct stages of physical and emotional development at different ages, and it is critical to be able to recognize these phases. As a child, I played many sports and always felt that I developed a great variety of skills because I was allowed to explore these activities. It is not helpful to specialize a junior in one sport at too early of an age. You have to build the athlete first.


    Have you adapted/implemented any of what you learned during the training into the way you teach? 

    With all juniors, I believe that the best way to train them is with a variety of activities that are fun! These activities do not need tot to be golf-specific but should be tailored towards developing motor skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Fun activities early on help juniors develop a passion for being at the golf course, even when the activities are not necessarily golf-related. As they grow older into their teens, they will have developed greater coordination from these activities and likely grow in their love for golf as they see rapid improvement.


    What impact has having a PGA.Coach profile had on your teaching sessions?

    The primary benefit of my PGA.Coach profile is building my personal brand and the brand of my club in the community. By having my face and name out in the regional golf community, I am able to become more widely recognized as a leader in the industry. My club, Pasadena Yacht & Country Club, also benefits from growth in stature as it becomes more widely recognized as one of the premier facilities in the region. My PGA.Coach profile has resulted in greater lesson revenue for myself and a greater interest in the overall benefits that my club has to offer.


    Are there any benefits/useful tools with using PGA.Coach? 

    PGA.Coach is a fantastic way to connect with your students and stay organized. Best of all, you can manage everything straight from the mobile app on your phone. You can keep track of lessons in the calendar, share a booking link, and directly message students and leads. All clients have their own profiles with contact info easily accessible.


    Do you think it is important for other Members to get ADM certified and promote themselves with a PGA.Coach profile?

    I believe that ADM certification provides PGA Members extremely valuable insight on a proven method to coaching the athletes of tomorrow. Aside from the wealth of information that is provided to you, becoming certified also gives you access to PGA.Coach. This incredible platform makes it very easy for PGA Members to connect with new students, while building their personal brand and their club’s brand as well.