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    PGA HOPE Instructor Trainings

    PGA HOPE Instructor Trainings

    Golf has long been recognized for its therapeutic benefits, offering not just physical exercise but also mental rejuvenation and social connectivity. Recognizing this, PGA HOPE has emerged as a transformative program aimed at introducing golf to military veterans and active duty to enhance their rehabilitation and assimilation into civilian life. However, the success of the PGA HOPE programs hinge on one vital component – that being the expertise and dedication of its instructors. PGA HOPE Instructor training is the cornerstone of ensuring that these veterans receive the top-tier instruction that is delivered by our skilled professionals from PGA, LPGA and our PGA Associates.

    PGA HOPE Instructor Training is an all day immersive experience for our PGA, LPGA and PGA Associates to help them better teach the game of golf and understand and how to ov

    ercome some physical or emotional difficulties they may encounter with working with our military veterans. PGA HOPE Training also introduces some military culture and aspects into view in which they might have not been privy to and can be used in their teaching. Attending a PGA HOPE training offers PGA Members the chance to earn 6 PDR Credits. Once Training has been completed our PGA HOPE Instructors are now free to teach in their local PGA HOPE Programs. PGA HOPE instructors have the full reign on the 6 week program and can choose how and what they want to teach each week.

    PGA HOPE represents a beacon of hope for our military veterans grappling with physical and emotional challenges from their time on duty. Through the structured golf programs, it offers a pathway for veterans to regain a sense of purpose, camaraderie, and overall well-being.

    We would love for you to sign up to be a part of this amazing program. Over the next month we have multiple PGA HOPE Trainings coming to and near the North Florida Section. To register for one please click the links below,

    1. North Florida – Hunters Green Country Club, Tampa FL – April 25, 2024

    2. South Florida – Vineyards Country Club, Naples FL – April 26, 2024

    3. North Florida – Hidden Hills Golf Club, Jacksonville FL – May 1, 2024

    4. Georgia – Valdosta Country Club, Valdosta GA – May 2, 2024

    5. Alabama/Northwest Florida – Regatta Bay Golf & Yacht Club, Destin FL – May 16, 2024

    Please get in contact with Alivia Mattiace at with any questions.