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    ’23 Coaching – Player Engagement Series

    ’23 Coaching – Player Engagement Series
    Registration is now open for the 2023 NFPGA Coaching-Player Engagement Series. This year’s series has two different formats: The Coach Workshop and The Summit!
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    We are excited to announce that Kevin Weeks, the 2023 PGA Teacher-Coach of the Year, and AimPoint Founder, Mark Sweeney, are headling our lineup of outstanding presenters. Returning is the popular Faults-Fixes segment led by NFPGA Members recognized as experts by their peers.” 

    Jim Endicott, Series Leadership Team


    Section Teaching-Coaching Summit

    “The Summit” is a full-day education workshop designed to who are interested in enhancing and growing their teaching-coaching business.  Presenters include highly regarded national teachers and coaches as well as NFPGA Members who are considered experts by their peers. 

    September 6 at Omni ChampionsGate

    Regional Coach Workshop

    Coach Workshops are half-day education workshops for those interested in enhancing their coaching skills and learning best practices for Player Engagement.  As the name suggests, these events are regional, so attendees don’t have to travel.  Presenters are regional PGA Members who have been recognized by their peers as outstanding teachers and coaches.

    August 23 at Top Golf Tampa (Brandon)

    August 30 at San Jose Country Club (Jacksonville)


    Coaching Titans (Summit Only)

    The Coaching Titans will share with the attendees in an interview how they grow their business and their teaching-coaching methodology. In addition, each titan will share a fault and fix with two types of players and discuss what they were working on and how they used their methodology to fix the problem. 

    Faults-Fixes (All Events)

    Each of the five PGA panelists will share two lessons on video and discuss what they were working on and how they used their methodology to fix the problem.  Attendees are encouraged to be engaged, ask questions, and discuss alternative solutions.

    Player Engagement Roundtable (Coach Workshop Only)

    Facilitated by PGA Player Engagement Consultant Lauren Court, the roundtable members discuss best practices for getting golfers more engaged in the game and revenue-generating activities as well as how they track so they can share their value with management.  Attendees are encouraged to engage in the discussion by asking questions and sharing their best practices.

    Technology Forum (Summit Only)

    The Technology Forum will focus on how technology is enhancing the value of a coach and helping them increase their revenues.  The panelist includes representatives of technology companies and PGA Professionals. 

    Technology Discovery (All Events)

    North Florida PGA Business Impact Partners, deWhiz, NeuroPeak Pro, and Sportsbox AI share how their technology can enhance your value as a Coach and increase your revenue.