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    Hall of Fame Nominations Open

    Hall of Fame Nominations Open

    The NFPGA Hall of Fame was started in 1991 to honor outstanding North Florida PGA Members who have impacted the game and business with the North Florida PGA.  This elite group of PGA of America Professionals includes leaders, players, coaches, and promoters of the game.  In 2023 the Hall of Fame welcomed Paul Aziner, Jim Furyk, and Jim Slattery.     

    Nominations are open until March 22 at 11:59 pm.  Nominations can be made by any North Florida PGA Member.  To nominate a fellow Member, complete the online nomination form.  Please note that all nomination materials must be uploaded via the form and be in .pdf format.  If you have questions, please contact Executive Director Steve McMillen at

    “Honoring our Members is one of the most important things we do as PGA Members.”
    Kevin Paschall, PGA
    NFPGA President and 22 HOF Inductee 

    Nomination Guidelines:

    1. Nomination must be made by an NFPGA Member in good standing
    2. Nominee must be a PGA Member in good standing or in good standing at time of death
    3. Nominee’s age and years as a NFPGA Member must be equal to or greater than 60
    4. Nominee should have contributed to the golf industry in one or more of the following areas: 
      • Significant playing achievements 
      • Contribution as a Section/National leader for more than 10 years
      • Contribution as a promoter of the game 
      • Contribution to coaching and teaching

    Supporting Materials


      1. Biography of the nominee
      2. Typed nomination letter from an NFPGA Member
      3. Two typed letters of support (PGA Member or Amateur)

    Optional Materials, but Recommended

      • Newspaper/Online articles
      • Photographs