Thursday, June 13, 2024

    We know that all our PGA Members are passionate, and we’d like to recognize you for the hard work you put in. When you become a Champion of Engagement, the team at the Section Office will begin a lengthy process to recognize you. This will include a letter to your employer, a press release, recognition on the Section website and social media, and a certificate. Throughout the year, you can earn passion points for just about anything you do within the Section including playing in tournaments, attending meetings & education, serving as a PGA Jr. League Captain, and so much more! These points will add up to track your engagement.


    The very first thing you’ll do is make a commitment to become a Champion of Engagement. You’ll do this by registering on Golf Genius. At the time of registration, you’ll be charged $20 to ensure you have some skin in the game. Don’t worry though- you’ll have a chance to earn that back and then some! Throughout the year, you’ll register for Chapter and Section events as usual. We’ll be tracking your engagement for you. At next year’s Annual Meeting we will recognize all of our Champions of Engagement. At that time, our top 25 Champions will receive a portion of the purse created by that $20 deposit you made plus a bonus amount contributed by our longtime partner, Global Golf Sales.

    We’re really excited to understand just how passionate you are. Everything we do is to fuel your passion by providing innovative and compelling opportunities to enhance your lives and skills. It’s only a matter of time before you’re a Champion of Engagement!


    • Section Sanctioned Tournament= 10 points per event


    • Section Sanctioned Education= 10 points per hour
    • Attend a Chapter Meeting= 20 points
    • Attend Section Annual Meeting= 100 points
    • Attend Section Celebration of Members= 20 points


    • PGA Jr. League Captain= 50 points plus 10 points per match
    • Host DCP= 50 points
    • Participate in Day of Giving= 100 points
    • Instructor for PGA HOPE= 20 points per clinic
    • Provide a free Clinic= 20 points per clinic
    • Serve as a PGA Ambassador for PGA TOUR Event= 20 points
    • Volunteer in the Community for Golf-Related Service= 10 points per volunteer hour


    • Serve on a Section Sanctioned Committee/Taskforce= 50 points plus 10 per meeting hour
    • Serve in a Section Sanctioned Leadership Role= 50 points plus 10 per meeting hour

    Champions of Engagement Insider