Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Becoming a member of the PGA of America comes with life-long benefits and opportunities:


    Employment Opportunities

    • By being able to call yourself a PGA Professional, there are employment opportunities not available for the non-member. With your earned credentials, you are observed at a higher standard with an ability to enhance your career in the golf industry.
    • The PGA of America has an incredible program called CareerLinks that helps Professionals connect with golf facilities and their employers. There are regional Career Consultants throughout the country who personally help Professionals find any jobs that are open and assist in the interviewing process and provide information on compensation. The Career Consultants work with the employers directly as well to help with the communication between the applicant and employer.
    • For more information on career paths in the golf industry, click here!

    Playing Opportunities

    • As a PGA Professional, you are able to participate and play in PGA Member tournaments, providing you the ability to grow your game.
    • There are a variety of local and national tournaments a PGA Member can compete in, including the PGA Professional National Championship. Players who play well enough have the ability to qualify for the PGA Championship, one of the PGA Tour’s four major tournaments.
    • The Section provides the PGA Member ample opportunities to participate in tournaments both at a Section and Chapter level.

    Education Opportunities

    • PGA Professionals are provided opportunities at both National, Section, and Chapter levels to attend meetings, town halls, seminars, etc. to learn more about the game and business of golf.
    • These opportunities are important for the PGA Member to educate themselves on enhancing their careers and overall, the game of golf.

    Insurance and Planning Opportunities

    • The PGA of America has a variety of group insurance and financial planning options for its Members. PGA Professionals who do not receive insurance benefits or are seeking additional benefits can choose from a multitude of options for health, life, automobile, homeowner’s coverage, and retirement planning services.