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    Nominations Open: 2025 Awards

    Nominations Open: 2025 Awards

    Winning a PGA Award is a great honor; for many, it is the pinnacle of their careers. It all starts with a peer making a nomination. Don’t miss the chance to recognize your fellow PGA Members for their outstanding work. Nominations are now open for the 2025 Awards Program, and we need your help to recognize the best of the best in the Section. Take a few moments to nominate a peer who deserves to shine. Make sure to submit your nominations by July 19 and be part of this exciting journey to honor our outstanding PGA Members!

    Nominations are now open for the 2025 Awards Program!

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    2025 Awards Timeline

    • June 15 – Nominations Open
    • July 19 – Nominations Close
    • Aug 2-Sept 13 – Application Phase 
    • Sept 20 – Nov 1 – Judging Phase
    • Nov 6 – Nov 22 – Chapter Selection Meetings
    • December 11 – Section Selection Meeting
    • January 13 – Winners Announced
    • January – April 2025 – Chapter Awards Banquets
    • June 8, 2025 – Section Celebration of Members


    When do nominations close?
    July 19th at 11:59 pm

    When I nominate someone, is it just for a Chapter award?
    No, all nominations are for both the Section and Chapter.

    Can I nominate someone outside of my chapter?
    Yes.  As such, they will be a nominee for their Chapter and Section.

    Are awards based on just the past twelve months?
    No, while the past twelve months are important, awards are determined on the individual’s full body of work.

    I have been nominated several times but have never won; why?
    The awards program is designed to honor the best.  Individuals with great credentials often don’t always sell themselves well or make critical errors in their supporting materials.  The Awards Committee is working on a help guide that will be available to all nominees as they work on their supporting materials.  It is also suggested individuals who are discouraged by not winning in the past to connect with their Chapter Awards Chair for a consultation. 

    How are winners determined?
    Once an individual is nominated, they are asked to complete a nomination application.  The application requires the nominee to answer a number of questions relevant to the specific award.  After the application phase closes, members of the Selection Committee review each nominee’s application by grading each answer, creating a total points for their nomination.  The five highest point winners become finalists.  At the Selection Committee meeting, the finalists are discussed in alphabetical order and not compared with other finalists.  Once each nominee is discussed, each member of the committee ranks the nominees by a digital ballot.  The nominee with the best ranking is the winner. If a member of the committee is a nominee, they are excluded from all judging and are not allowed in the room during the final discussion. This process is done separately for each Chapter and the Section.  A nominee who completes their application is judged at the Chapter and Section level exclusively

    Who Serves on the Awards Committee?
    The Awards Committee is empowered to oversee the Section Awards program and recommend changes to the Board. It is chaired by the Honorary President, John Hughes, and representatives from each of the four Chapters: Tony Austin, East Central; Matt O’Brien, Northern; Jonathan Powell, West Central; and Mark Trotter, Southwestern.

    Who selects the Chapter winners?
    The Chapter Selection Committee consists of the Chapter Officers, Chapter Awards Chair, At-Large members, and the 2023 Chapter winners of the Golf Professional of the Year, Teacher-Coach of the Year, and Assistant Golf Professional of the Year awards.  

    Who selects Section winners?
    The Selection Committee is the Section Officers and the four Chapter Awards Chairs.

    Are Selection Committee members eligible to win?
    Yes.  Section leadership (Board and Awards Committee) have discussed this at length and feel that regardless of one’s role, everyone should be eligible for an award, even if serving in a leadership role. 

    Is last year’s award winner eligible to win the next year?
    Yes.  Section leadership (Board and Awards Committee) have discussed this at length.  The goal of the awards program is to honor the best, and by excluding the previous year’s winners that goal can not be accomplished.