Saturday, July 20, 2024

    If you want to become a modern coach and get the results that these PGA Coaches are achieving –– including doubling their hourly income, becoming 40% more productive, and guaranteeing results for golfers –– then head to PGA.Coach and check out the Running a Successful On-Course Coaching Assessment series today.

    From valuable training—including ADM, the Modern Coach series and more—to easy-to-use tools available through PGA Coach and the myPGA app that streamline the administrative work of your coaching business, now’s the time to leverage all the tools and resources PGA Coach has to offer and make the most of this moment.

    Bruce Mohler- Maximizing Potential

    To learn more about Modern Coach and how you can take advantage of everything PGA.Coach has to offer, contact Lauren Court at

    What is PGA Coach?

    PGA Coach is the ultimate coaching resource, designed to bring the education, tools, and resources you need to revolutionize your coaching business. With a better work-life balance that allows you to focus on coaching, PGA Coach has the tools to help you grow and manage your business, and the expert training designed to help you better engage, inspire and retain golfers.

    How do I get started?

    There is no cost to use PGA Coach. Just go to www.PGA.Coach and log in with your member OneLogin account. After you complete the virtual ADM training (which takes 2-3 hours), you will be given access to the full suite of tools and resources with PGA Coach, as well as additional training courses.