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5 Reasons You Should Be a PGA Junior League Captain
1. Generate Additional Revenue for you, the Professional

2. Generate Additional Revenue to your Facility

3. Grow/Expand your Youth Programs

4. Create Community at your Facility

5. Capitalize on new Memberships/Customers

For more information on what you can learn from being a PGA Junior League Captain, click here.


Registration is Now Open! Join a Team!

Are you a PGA Junior League Captain?
PGA Junior League is a powerful way to grow the game at your facility.  Last month at the Annual Meeting our PGA Junior League Regional Manager shared that over 5.6 million was generated through registration fees in 2017 and the average revenue per Captain was $2,437.  
Lauren is holding a series of Town Halls in the coming month.  Regardless if you’re a returning PGA Jr. League Captain or interested in joining the team in 2018, Town Halls are a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of PGA Jr. League, best practices, as well as marketing and growth strategies.  Click here for a schedule of upcoming Town Halls. 
To contact Lauren directly her email is lcourt@pgahq.com.  




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